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“Of the companies contacted, only Meto-Grafics was able to design, engineer and produce bar code nameplates which would withstand the harsh environment and cleaning to which our products are subjected.”

Frank Jasek, Materials Manager
Forest Park, IL

Regulatory Signage

OSHA, EPA and other regulatory agencies require an ever-increasing amount of signage in practically every of daily life. Failure to comply with signage regulations could lead to significant fines or expose your company to potential litigation.

Meto-Grafics can provide your complete regulatory signage requirements, including both standard and custom signage, made of metal or plastic , to be mounted with pressure-sensitive adhesive or mechanical fasteners, and able withstand the harshest of environments.

If you are unsure of your regulatory signage requirements or format, we will, at no obligation, help you design the format that will meet current ANSI regulations.