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“To make my product stand out, I needed a panel with special requirements – very fine image detail, dual protective coatings, special polycarbonate to enhance LED contrast, and an aluminum subpanel. Meto-Grafics provided the technical know-how, quality and price.”

Jack Christensen, President
Northbrook, IL

Graphic Overlays

Meto-Grafics brings its tradition of excellence to the sophisticated manufacturing processes required for graphic and membrane switch overlays. We have made a major commitment to this technology and we are producing overlays of aluminum, polyester, polycarbonate and newly developed hybrid materials in thicknesses ranging from 0.003” (0.075mm) to 0.062” (1.575mm). Depending on our customers’ performance and quantity requirements, we use a variety of marking, fabrication, embossing and adhesive application techniques, including the latest digital imaging and laser cutting. As with all our product lines, we offer complete design, engineering and artwork services

These techniques and services are another example of Meto-Grafics’ commitment to expanding the technological limits of our industry. The result being, we do it better, with greater precision and versatility, than virtually anyone else.