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Converting demanding specifications into superior quality and exceptional service for 70 years.

Since our founding in 1948, cutting-edge technology, versatility and quality have always been the driving forces at Meto-Grafics. We manufacture products that are made of a myriad of materials using state-of-the-art equipment and processes, and that are in compliance with quality programs such as ISO 9001 and AAR M-1003. And to serve our customers who supply military products and equipment, we are also ITAR-certified.

Used in a wide range of applications, including locomotives, commercial and military vehicles and aircraft, medical equipment, food service equipment, high-tech electronics, machine tools, zoos, aerospace, shopping centers, commercial buildings, prisons and research laboratories; our instrument panels, nameplates, graphic overlays, labels, decals, dials, scales and signage set the standards for the industry.

While we offer a variety of proven manufacturing processes and materials, Meto-Grafics will always explore new and innovative combinations of processes and materials to meet any unique challenge your job requires.


Decals, Labels, & Stickers

Often overlooked, decals, label and stickers provide critical information with an impact on the safety or an operator or the success of an operation.


Meto-Grafics has made a major commitment to sophisticated manufacturing processes required for graphic and membrane switch overlays of aluminum, polyester, polycarbonate and newly developed hybrid materials

Architectural Signage

Meto-Grafics can provide your complete regulatory signage requirements. If you are unsure of your regulatory signage requirements or format, we will, at no obligation, help you design the format that will meet current ANSI regulations.


Meto-Grafics can manufacture any nameplate, regardless of size, shape or material requirements, including military specifications.

Dials and Scales

Meto-Grafics can accurately manufacture virtually any type of precision dial or scale from materials as diverse as aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, polycarbonate, or plastic/metal laminates.

Instrument & Control Panels

Meto-Grafics manufactures instrument and control panels with an unrivaled degree of precision and quality. We also offers comprehensive design, engineering and computer-generated artwork services.

Regulatory Signage

Meto-Grafics provides complete regulatory signage. We will, at no obligation, help you design the format you need that will meet current ANSI regulations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“A special thanks to Meto-Grafics for the outstanding job of getting our jevil sticks to us in record time and for the high quality of the plates. You have made a BIG difference to our product!”

Terry Cain

Buyer, GOLDEN ALUMINUM, San Antonio, TX

“Of the companies contacted, only Meto-Grafics was able to design, engineer and produce bar code nameplates which would withstand the harsh environment and cleaning to which our products are subjected.”

Frank Jasek

Materials Manager, BORDEN NORTH AMERICAN DESIGNS, Forest Park, IL

“Buying small quantities of custom multi-color etched stainless steel rulers without ‘breaking the bank’ isn’t easy. Not only has Meto-Grafics filled that requirement for almost 30 years, but their quality and delivery are first-class.”

Gina Johnson

Purchasing Agent, WYSONG & MILES CO., Greensboro, NC

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